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“…I highly recommend this heart-warming book…”

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"Isn't it reassuring to know each of us are being looked upon, even from way up in our big blue sky."

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"Call me when you get to heaven is an inspiring and heartfelt read"

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Where it all began...

Healing and meditation

Dilly with Di

I started my research many years ago - In 1986 I read the amazing books by medium Doris Stokes, about 'Life after Death,' and as a place to start I would definately recommend them. (they are back in print again now) They changed my outlook about the whole process and possiblities of what might happen when we die.  Next, and quite by 'accident,' I came across Shirley MacLaine's incredible autobiography 'Out on a Limb' - mind blowing stuff back then!

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In 1991 I visited my first medium, down here in Cornwall; not because I had lost a loved one and wanted to see if I could make contact, but out of sheer curiosity.  I picked carefully and chose a lady who was affliliated with the London Psychic College. I left impressed.  


At the end of 1991 and through1992, I used some regression tapes at home; a do-it-yourself past-life discovery set.  


At first I was nervous, but the experiences I had were fascinating and stayed with me.  I bought many books on the subject and eventually, reincarnation became the most sensible and obvious answer to how the world worked!


My guided meditations included one occasion when I regressed back to ancient Rome.  I didn’t know whether it was historically accurate or not.  I looked at my sandals tied up to my knees; my ripped and dirty tunic and I remembered the cold touch of marble and stone of the walls.  It felt like a memory.  It was certainly intriguing.


Since this time I have been professionally regressed a number of times and have a bank of 'memories' from past lives.  I can remember them all quite vividly.  I went on to study Regression and Hypno Analysis.


I have been to see other mediums at various events, some were excellent and others quite poor.  I try to keep an open mind, but I am, by nature, a little sceptical.  This, however, is a good and much needed angle for objective study.


My education continued and broadened over the next 30 years...

Past Lives

Continued Study

As well as studying Regression and Hypno Analysis, I have a Professional Certificate of Merit in Counselling and I am a registered Counsellor (expired).  I studied at Level 6 in Guidance and use this everyday at one of the top ten colleges in the UK.  


"It was a honour to

have you on the show."

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Madeline has investigated many instances of past-life regression and had numerous experiences of her own.  Her intriguing studies have taken her from an irrefutable belief in the after-life, to quantum physics and parallel universes, researching the sciences behind the mysteries.  She has studied such diverse subjects as crop circles, ancient and sacred sites, esoteric lore, mysticism and metaphysics. She is currently taking a course in Regression and Hypno-Analysis (BSY Professional Development).


As well as her writing and research, Madeline is a Senior Guidance and Support Officer at one of the Top Ten Colleges in the UK. She holds a Professional Certificate of Merit in Counselling, and is a CCC registered counsellor. She holds a L6 qualification in Guidance.


Author, researcher and columnist, Madeline Richardson, has been studying paranormal phenomenon for over 25 years. She has provided research for many published features in magazines such as 'Vision' and 'The Psychic Voice'. She has published numerous articles on-line.