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Call me when you get to Heaven

The Book

Book Signings


Madeline and Jacky

guest on


Friday 25th November ~ 11:10am

Call Me When You Get to Heaven



Truro, Cornwall



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Jacky and Madeline BookSigning Plymouth Waterstone

“…I highly recommend this heart-warming book…”

            Colin Fry



"Isn't it reassuring to know each of us are being looked upon, even from way up in our big blue sky."

            Melissa Porter, TV Presenter...and Mummy!



"Call me when you get to heaven is an inspiring and heartfelt read"

            Rustie Lee, Celebrity Chef

Author and Columnist


with Gabby Logan


The Moore Show ~ SKY 201 


and News

Here we are filming for The Moore Show.  The Moore Show Prime Time is a Chat show which airs across the UK, available on both Sky and Freesat.  Kevin was an absolute delight to work with and was interested in all things Spiritual.  The team really looked after us too!


Channel 5 ~



Madeline and Jacky talk to Gabby Logan on Channel 5


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February issue  

"Call Me When You Get to Heaven...Making headlines across the world"


Staffordshire Life Magazine

Madeline Richardson signing Waterstones Web Sml Staffordshire_Life_logo Sky Gabby996

Madeline and Jacky with Kevin Moore on The Moore Show

"It was an honour to have you on the show."


Kevin Moore,

TV presenter

'The Moore Show'

(SKY 201)

Thanks for coming on

it was great to meet you x


Gabby Logan


Live with Gabby

The Moore Show set 2