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Call me when you get to Heaven

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Madeline and Jacky

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Friday 25th November ~ 11:10am

Call Me When You Get to Heaven



Truro, Cornwall



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Jacky and Madeline BookSigning Plymouth Waterstone

“…I highly recommend this heart-warming book…”

            Colin Fry



"Isn't it reassuring to know each of us are being looked upon, even from way up in our big blue sky."

            Melissa Porter, TV Presenter...and Mummy!



"Call me when you get to heaven is an inspiring and heartfelt read"

            Rustie Lee, Celebrity Chef

Author and Columnist


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Madeline and Jacky with Kevin Moore on The Moore Show

Jacky and Madeline BookSigning in Plymouth with fa Madeline Richardson at Waterstones IMG_0802 Madeline Richardson BookSigning Waterstone

Madeline and Jacky Waterstones Plymouth


Madeline and Jacky introduce their book

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