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Friday 25th November ~ 11:10am

Call Me When You Get to Heaven



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Jacky and Madeline BookSigning Plymouth Waterstone

“…I highly recommend this heart-warming book…”

            Colin Fry



"Isn't it reassuring to know each of us are being looked upon, even from way up in our big blue sky."

            Melissa Porter, TV Presenter...and Mummy!



"Call me when you get to heaven is an inspiring and heartfelt read"

            Rustie Lee, Celebrity Chef

Author and Columnist


with Gabby Logan

After he passed away Dad visited my sister's and I individually, on the first night, in dreams....and this was just the start...


Phenomena such as flickering lights, ringing of doorbells, alarm clocks and smoke alarms alerted close members of the family that they were not alone! - then Dad started visiting other family members and then distant friends!


Madeline and Jacky recorded the details as they happened, along with background information from his life to give a better understanding of the man behind the antics!  They ended up with the manuscript which became: Call Me When You Get to Heaven


Dad had died but he certainly wasn't 'dead'. Join us on our roller coaster ride and be ready to cry and laugh just as we did ourselves!  

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